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An iconoclastic campaign for the launch of PURE XS by Mazarine Stories.

With audacity and wit, the 360° campaign, embodied by the young Portuguese model Francisco Henriques, invites us to reveal the Man within us. The film, directed by Johan Renck, was widely broadcast on TV and social networks.

Iconoclastic, offbeat, essential: Pure XS, an extravagant campaign that makes an impression, just like Paco Rabanne.

Our 50 experts build and roll out communications strategies for brands that resonate with their target audiences.

From brand platforms to new narratives, Mazarine Stories works together with brands, helping with conversations and integrated campaigns. From the creative concept to in-house production, our 360° approach touches on online, offline, influence, retail, and street marketing mechanics. At the core of this team is a unit dedicated to social media. They monitor trends and imagine paths of engagement: editorial strategy, content factory, community management, social listening, tailored influence and amplification.


Fragrance & beauty

Campaign & Content

Mazarine Stories supports Calvin Klein on the concept of new campaign for the iconic perfume Eternity Calvin Klein.

The 360 campaign marks the return of the iconic pair formed by Christy Turlington Burns and her husband Edward Burns, 30 years after their first appearance. 


Filmed by Matt Lambert, with a mix of traditional black and white with colored shots, this juxtaposition expresses couple’s commitment to one another and the strength of their relationship. The campaign showcases a compilation of joyful moments by the ocean, a tribute to their timeless love story. Lachlan Bailey immortalized the iconic couple in a black and white photo by the beach for the campaign photo, alluding to one of the couple’s countless memories, a stolen moment in their never-ending love story.


Wines & spirits

Campaign & Content

Mazarine helped Aberlour define and express its new brand platform in France.

n its quest for premiumization, Aberlour, a single malt from the Pernod Ricard group, called on Mazarine to develop a new sustainable platform that would resonate with the aspirations of its target audience and the heritage of Scottish single malt.

A new brand platform translated into a signature, a press visual, a press kit and an event allowing specialized journalists to live the brand experience on the Aberlour site in Scotland.
"Aberlour, generous by nature since 1879". A signature that illustrates both the value of generosity specific to the brand and the importance of nature where the Aberlour distillery is located. Since 1879, this virtuous link between the distillery and nature, its land and its community is what makes Aberlour single malt so special.

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Captured by photographer Iris Velghe, the advertising copy immerses us in the generous and lush nature surrounding the Aberlour distillery in the heart of Speyside.

The bottle of Aberlour and its amber liquid melt and merge with nature in a treatment inspired by the codes of perfume. A new graphic identity that will be found on the press kit and other upcoming publications. A coherent message and a premium representation on all the brand's contact points. The press campaign will be launched this winter.

At brands’ side are 50 talented consulting, creative and production advisors, who shape, magnify and provide meaning through image.

Passionate about brands’ boundaries, their heritage and their expertise, Mazarine Image works with Maisons in building lasting brand platforms, defining singular graphic territories, and creating print and digital content as if they were objets d’art.


Social Media & Amplification

Fragrance & beauty

Shu Uemura has entrusted the development of an international guideline for its global strategy to Mazarine Asia Pacific.

The guideline focuses on the Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Hong Kong markets around the big concept #showbyshu.

Mazarine Asia Pacific also provides social and digital activation on WeChat to be in a position to cover consumers both online and offline to draw their attention to the beauty brand.

Based in Shanghai since 10 years, our teams work together with brands to grow and amplify their influence in China and the Asia-Pacific region.

Brands benefit from targeted campaigns and social strategies, content creation, as well as innovative digital and “smart retail” experiences.